Getting 5Mb/s speed on 512kb/s plan!!!!?????


Hello members,I know the header of my thread is weird but it's true. Let me describe it first in detail.I had applied for broadband plan 1350/month (unlimited) on 13th of this month which got activated on the same day. I started downloading the next day. As per the plan i had to get 4Mb/s speed upto 20 GBs and thereafter 512kb/s. This was all ok until yesterday means till 16th of this month (i finished 20 GBs on 15th itself, evening). I also started to get 512kb/s speed as my quota was finished. Ok.Now the weird thing started on the eve of 16th. I tried to connect but wasn't getting DSL LED on modem. I called S.D.E. in BSNL exchange and he confirmed that there is some problem from Bangalore itself and it will be ok within an hour. I again tried after almost 2 hours and got the DSL LED blinking on modem. As i use a dialer to connect, still i wasn't able to connect. In this process i switched-off and on my modem for at least 10 times and after these attempts i got connected (even when i got that windows warning of "this connection has limited or no connectivity"). I just tried my browser and i was really connected. I checked just for fun what speed i am getting (on of course). And the weird thing started, i got the speed of 5.7Mb/s!!!!! So, i tried on u-torrent and it confirmed results!!!!!Since then i am getting speed of at least 5Mb/s. My big Q, now, is that how it's possible????? And will BSNL track it and close it or will add all this download as 'Chargeable Units'??????? Please answer me ASAP. I even disconnected several times, even restarted PC, but it takes at least 10 attempts to connect each time and when it connects i get these blazing speeds(every time i even get that windows no connectivity warning balloon). Please clear my doubt if any one of you had ever experienced such thing. The major fear i am having is that will BSNL charge me for this high-speed downloads even after having unlimited monthly plan??????


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Even I haven't been fuped for the past 5 months. Enjoy it while it lasts.


masoom kameena!
Dude never reveal this kind of info into public forums..else this festival will not lost long...enjoy until BSNL wake up.


is this happening only on 1350 plan or for other FUP plans too.. ? is it happening with few lucky people or with all people having this plan.. ?is this really true..?? !!