Internal Adsl Modem


I came across this ad in ebay india.

I would like to know if any one has some idea about credibilty of this modem.

Rs.80+tax is quite killing per month. May be this brings a breather.


hello,i thought at first Rs. 80 was a pain and i just rather buy my own device. However, let' assume you buy a device for Rs. 1000, then that means after 12.5 months you would start to break even and save money by buying the modem outright. But, there are two reasons why I decided to rent:1. support issues, if you ever call MTNL it's better to have their equipment at the other end that they can inspect and test. I've owned equipment in the past and it just sucks to get support. If you are a newbie then I would recommend getting it from MTNL, unless you are familiar with DNS/DHCP/PPPoE and the various settings associated with it2. technology is always changing, in the past 5 years I've had broadband in the States, i've gone through at least 5-6 modems. Either because of technology upgrades or just technical issues. If it's true then MTNL might be coming out with TV over their copper wires and will probably need a new box, but that is just guessinghope this helps.


hehe it makes me laugh....Reason you are here is that a little advance guys [big Boys] helping to the needy.Yu can sit hours and read all the topics here.The more you read more you will get knowledge.If you don't get it then just make a post for help.Am sure Guys will help at there best level.I still suggest buying own CPE rather than renting.Setting up modem is not that hard.PS: Those mtnl babus know nothing unless a proper engg approaches far as i say "D-Link : " Rules as it doesn't gives problem like hanging of router.IT lacks only one thing POWER SWITCH who cares just pull the adapter.Regarding buying from ebay :- I wil give you that router + do all the required setting on your comp @ R.s 950 ... How about that!


No strong reasons to have a modem provided by MTNL only. However external modem/routers are always better than internal ones which is shown in thar ad because they won't clutter your computer cabinet and leave air-flow space, they're supported on non-Windows operating systems like linux and they have more features. And nowadays they come for around Rs. 1500 which isn't really a lot more than Rs. 960 that this internal modem is for. I suggest get an external modem/router.