Justice Suresh Kait: "Like China, we will block all such websites"


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I think this kind of argument shud be put by the lawyers to bring out the impact of what the retards r trying to do.


Google has just opened up a world of pain for themselves in India now , btw do these idiots realize that Google can just de list a page from it it's index , contrary to some reports on 'reputed' mainstream media , they cannot remove shit from net. once it out it is out . and looks like FB replied to court they don't operate any servers or control any servers form India so they are not liable.Fb is has a more serous problem what Indian courts might thing 'offensive' could be perfectly legit in the country of origin of that post or pic , it's catch 22 for them and they really can't mess about with legit postings or pics from users outside India. my advice to sensitive Indians stop getting your panties in a bunch over everything you are giving rest of us a bad name all over the world , with nearly everything hurting someone religious sensitivities, learn to click the close button on browser , or unplug form net and play cards or sumting.