Source Code for Symantec Products Leaked


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And apparently, Indian security agencies are to be blamed for it!

In a post to the site Pastebin, the hackers maintain they discovered the information in a hack of India's military computer network. The group claims to have found source code "of a dozen software companies" which have signed agreements to share code with Indian intelligence agencies.

After preliminary analysis appeared to contain source code for the 2006 version of Symantec's Norton antivirus product. Though the code is for an older version of the Norton antivirus product, the impact of the exposure is still as of yet undetermined. Symantec officials have indicated they will be providing more information as they continue their investigation, and certainly more will be known if the entirety of the compromised data YamaTough claims to be in possession of is finally released to the public as has been threatened.

Hackers leak the Source Code for Symantec Product | The Hacker News (THN)