New Broadband connection in Marathalli,Bangalore


Hi FolksI am looking for a new broadband connection for home purpose. I would like you to help me in choosing the right connection. I am sick of going through all the websites as it seems perfect at the first sight but its not oftenWe are a group of 5 people in a flat. We want to take a single connection and put up a wifi router to distribute the internet. So accordingly we are looking for a highspeed connection with high datalimits.Presently we are looking at Airtel 75 GB at 1699 Rs/-. How is this connection? Are there any other better plans in Bangalore. Cost is not a serious criterion but it needs to be reasonable . The only conditions are it must have high data limits.I have just spoken to ACT Broadband but they dont have services in marthahalli area :(Thanks in advance