Biggest everything of 2011

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Hello all I am starting athread to retrospect 2011, If you have your list please add to this discussion

here start my list

5] BB Play book: Anticipated with nice BB look & all the function of Blackberry, This playbook cant even do mails, calender or appointments ( core function of BB ) without a handset connected. Due to this failure Black berry has to sell it for less than expected & causing RIM to face the problems in finance

4] GOOGLE+: It was expected that G+ would kill FB like FB did with Myspace, however with FB changing it formats & adding new cool features ,with Mark Zuckerburg apolizing over privacy issue 7 most of all A HEAD START OF 10+ YEARS, G+ seems to left behind like 100000000 kilometers behind, add insult to injury, You gotta have a REAL NAME & real everything on G+ otherwise they shut you down......

3] 3G over all in India : SCAM laden spectrum, Tainted distribution & higher prices than for a single ROCKET 3G was doomed to be failure in India the day it started.

The service is still out there & its picking up ( due to just lack of actual speeds by landlocked ISP's) but till date you have to pay ( minimum) 400 INR for a single GIGABYTE, thats more than price of food for two in medium city & what you get is nothing more than a dump that comes out using that food

2] Airtel: FIRE, NETWORK DOWN, Ridiculous FUP< screwing customers, BOGGING ADMIN CHROMANIC, and in entirety shitty management of all service
however they are still too big to fail, But the day is at our hand people ...

1] Hayai : FASTET INTERNET, FIBER, LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE OR BIGGEST HOAX, False promises , REPEAT FAILURES, Disappearing when shit blows up in face
You name they got it.. Hayai promised in 2008 that they will launch in 2009 Jan, Failed, People still believed, Admin believed ( speciafially with lure of highest speeds ever heard in INDIA) but with ALL THE "HARD PREPRATION" & ton of time convinving people online that they are the next GOD of ISP in India, Hayai failed, Not just miserably but ( please insert more pathetic word here )

The "Arse firelighter" got his ass out, dedicated forum ceased & the talker has trying to vanish from the public eye. Now what remains is just crust formed from the wet dream of 20 MBPS internet :)

Stay tuned more to come...... Please do Like & send me messages if you like this I will write moar if you want...


why thank you, if you want to expand the list or write down your own please do..



this is tech list , if you are into politics you can write your own list here...


^Exactly G+ is actually picking up steam (surprising I know) check the statistics........and regarding putting your real name; you actually don't need too, I'm actually using the pseudonym "Dark Angel Thesis" and I've been on G+ since the beta......and I wouldn't actually slam Hayai like that :confused: Unless of course, you're one of those people who REALLY believed they would enter the market soon.......I always doubted them slightly, mainly because they seemed like a revolution in internet for India and because its really tough joining a market played by dominant groups...........