Travelogue: Noida to Pune by Road - A Record Setting Trip


Noida- Pune journey completed last weekend in my Tata Indigo Petrol. The best part, I did it all alone. Forget second driver, did it without even a co passenger!

Day 1 -

1) Started from Noida at 11:00 AM.
2) Delhi Jaipur stretch is not is not what it used to be some years ago. Too much traffic and six laning work also under progress.
3) Took the alternate road NH-79 & NH-76 Jaipur-Nasirabad-Bhilwara-Chit​orgarh-Udaipur. Its a toll road, part of the Golden quadrilateral. Jaipur-Ajmer on NH8 is shorter but takes more time and the road is pretty bad there.
4) Reached Udaipur at 8:30 PM. Total distance covered 700 KMs. Stopped on the way only for fuel. Stopped overnight at a hotel in Udaipur city.

Day 2 -

1) Started from Udaipur at 7:00 AM.
2) Udaipur-Himatnagar drive is amazing with long sweeping curves on the ghat section and amazing scenery all around. Driving at about 100-120 on long curves with beautiful morning sunrise is an amazing feeling!
3) The title for the best road in India has to go to the National expressway no. 1 Ahmedabad-Baroda expressway. The road is not not only straight as an arrow but its an asphalt road as well. Unlike the concrete road of Mumbai-Pune expressway, its much more smooth. I am sure you can even attempt to max Bugatti Veyron here :solid: Overall roads in Gujarat are best in India.
4) Reached Mumbai at 5:45 PM. Only stops along the way, 1 hr for food and fuel.
5) Took the advised Thane route and got stuck in one of the worst traffic jams. Apparently some baba ji had decided that Thane would be a good place to hold his camp/shivar for the day and looked to me as if the entire Mumbai had descended on this stretch of the road. Took 4 hrs to complete a 15KMs stretch. Mumbai is the worst city to drive.
6) More than the physical tiredness, the traffic jam had got to my nerves. So finally decided to call it quits for the night and stopped at a hotel in Thane.

Day 3 -

1) Started at 7:00 AM
2) Crossed Mcdonald's Kalamboli at 7:45AM
3) Reached Pune at 9:00 AM

-->Total distance covered 1600 Kms. Total driving time taken (excluding the 4 hrs being stuck in a jam in Thane, where normally it would have taken only an hour) -- 21 Hrs 30 Minutes.
-->Fuel Cost: 9000 Rs. Overall Fuel mileage: 12.5 Km/l. Not bad if you consider the traffic jam and my F1 driving style on this trip: Thou shalt not let anybody pass, and as much as possible Thou shalt try to overtake everyone else on the road. :tonguesmilie:
-->Total number of Toll Tax booths: 30 with a total cost of 1580 Rs.

At the end of it all, the big question: how was the journey & how tired was i? Journey was amazing! Tired...not at all! Just give me a more powerful car, fuel money & I'll do it right away in even less time :smile_2:

Photographs: All taken while driving, with a crappy Blackberry phone camera.

--> Noida - Pune Road trip - Imgur

PS: If you are feeling very adventurous and thinking of breaking my record, please feel free to ask any queries about the journey/roads etc :smirk:


you did it in a petrol car :D incredible. i once wanted to travel to mumbai from gurgaon. gave up on the idea. :(


you did it in a petrol car :D incredible. i once wanted to travel to mumbai from gurgaon. gave up on the idea. :(

I did the cost benefit analysis before attempting it. Even if i booked the car by packers and movers it would have cost me about the same 8.5 - 9K. My friend had just got his Wagon r delivered a few days ago so that bit was covered.

The roads & traffic for most part are good, much better than expected. Even if you drive at sane speeds and are not in a hurry, you can do Gurgaon - Mumbai in about


cool man ! We should have a IBF League too and once in while do this :)I know a guy who took his swift from Mumbai to Kerala with his wife and he took excellent pics too on the way :)


I have driven alone hundereds of times from Chennai to Hyderabad and Hyderabad Chennai ( 750 km)in a Wagon R.Wagor R is like a mobile home for me since I stay long periods in chennai ,3 to 4 suitcases, 2 sets of suits & safari hanging in the dress hanger, 4 or 5 pairs of business/ sports/ casual shoes/slippers etc. I can not travel with so much luggage in train or flight. I dont take the coastal routeChennai -Chittoor ( on the Bangalore High way) 150 kmChitooor- Kadapa-200 km ( long ghat stretch with only occassional lorry traffic. known for dacoits and Red menace!!)Kadapa - Kurnool-200 kmKurnool- Hyderabad ( from Kurnool it is bangalore -Hyderabad National High way) 200 kmI dont drive too fast ( constant 65-70 km/hour only) to get maximum mileage. I used to get 20 km/litre minimum as I dont use a/c as I might sleep off . Always windows 10 % open to get some fresh air. I use maximum 35 litres of petrol door to door. Till 2004 petrol cost was same as second a/c train fare. not any more.:mad ():when I depart chennai mostly around 9-10pm. drive till 1 or 2 am. ( between chitoor-kadapa) park in a lorry stop and sleep for 2-3 hours . Most big gas stations have toilets. Start driving around 4.30am/5am and reach paradise circle by 11.30 am or so_Occasionaly I will start at 5am from chennai and reach secunderabad club at 8 pm for a beer , No meals or heavy eating while driving.only coconut water, biscuits, cakes, vada ,tea etc. Play non stop music slokas to beethoven to Opera to arabic /salsa/tango/mariachi/flamenco or some tamil.yearly twice I drive with wife and daughterHyderabad- Bangalore (580 km)(1 day halt )Bangalore to Ooty Via Hosur,salem,coimbatore and return via Ooty-gundalpet-Mysore-banglore.-Hydor Bangalore to Kodaikanal ( 800 km) Via Hosur,salem,DindigulLongest drive (with 1 year old baby complete with bottle sterilising kit!) so far : LosAngeles to Miami ( 5000 km) in 7 days (one way)via I 10 west and return back to LA via I 40 (E) in a Ford Escort Station wagon.Driving alone: Land in Manchester/London/Birmingham /airport rental car for a week -roam half of UK on business and depart ( stay nights mostly Indian run motels -you can't miss it) ( small Daihatsu/suzuki cars run @ 200-250 pounds/week)Land in Sydney Airport and drive to Melbourne and back (slowly sight seeing)( few years back when A$ was half the value compared to now ...yes it was 50 cents to $ now on par with US$.)Booked small car -free up grade to Full sedan- Mitsubhisi lancer- so happy because Australian customs grilled me for a half eaten apple and Ruchi Tomatoe pickle bottle ( I declared nothing in the form. I was let off with a oral warning!):smiley-ashamed004:If you are alone and driving in Australia ,stay in English/Irish Pubs. Even bloody chinese/korean run motels are expensive and not that good.Most pubs have few basic room upstairs for drunks!! ( around 50 a$) not suitable with wifey and kids.You park at dusk , drink ,eat,play pool ( I have watched Australia- India cricket match in those pubs - I was the only strangers were buying me free drinks! As a pure veg I live on beer,bread,cheese and fries !:thumbup1:)



I see your noida- pune and I raise you Pune-Diu in January... although I had Houston- Pensacola, fallfurrius- Detroit, Goa - Daman under my belts, I will tell the story of the TRAVEL IN EVERY THING day story .back in days when I was fresher was searching for a job, so I once landed 4 interviews in a period of three days locations were all in Maharashtra 1] Chiplun 2] Uran-Mumbai, 3] Malad _Mumbai 4] Daman so I started from my home, Took alto from my Karvar to Kolhpaur SCENIC ROUTE I must say..... very scenic & goes through actual jungle scary a lot - 5 Hours Then from Kolhapur-CHiplun a Red bus ( state transport) worst thing to travel on but oh the GHAT...... specially in rains its B-E-A-U-TIFULL ,- 4 Hours after interview i moved from Chiplun TO pune, I travelled via a comfy bus ( Asiad-as they say in MH)- 6 hours, from pune another bus to mumbai,- 2 Hours Dropped me at Panvel I finally stayed in panvel, in a shitty hotel...Morning I took a city Bus to Uran- 15 mins, From Uran- I took a BOAT to mumbai - A ****ing BOAT got off at Bhaucha Dhakka From bhaucha Dhakka took a Taxy To dadar ( I have lost time here ) From Dadar I took a Local to Malad -done the works From Malad I got to some bus stand, where I got the bus to Valsad Got off at Valsad at 3:Am in morning took a creepy looking cab to daman Met a good guy greg on way over to daman in Bus, who let me stay at his room ( these were all the boys working in pharam companies) till morning, Took a auto-rickshaw from Outer Daman to Bhimwadi I stopped forgetting everything after i purchased a bottle of Johny walker in evening & drinking it in DD ....SO I travlled Car, Bus, Auto, BOAT, Taxi, Local- train, Luxury Bus, creepy Cab Stayed at good hotels to stayed at some stranger from 3 Am to 9 AM. Good times I had...


justatroll said:
so I started from my home, Took alto from my Karvar to Kolhpaur SCENIC ROUTE I must say..... very scenic & goes through actual jungle scary a lot - 5 Hours
Then from Kolhapur-CHiplun a Red bus ( state transport) worst thing to travel on but oh the GHAT...... specially in rains its B-E-A-U-TIFULL ,- 4 Hours


You have given some idea for a one week family (2+1)drive holiday.( ghat section and forests)


return via Karwar-Kolahapur-Solapur-Hyderabad

I need to do more research on staying in Govt forest guest houses with Karnataka/maharastra forest depts

If you have stayed in forest guest houses in that area -please do tell.

Few summers back we did Hyderabad-Goa.( one way a/c train and return by flight)

Also another holiday

Hyderabad-Hospet-Hyderabad by a/c train ( stayed few days -saw the Hampi ruins and ate lot of european gourmet foods in restaurents runs by foreigners in that backpacker heaven!):solid:


New Delhi
Wonderful thread. :D I have made up my mind to do a Delhi-Goa and Back. Problem is you need around 10-12 days. And getting a holiday that long is difficult! :(

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