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Before he was suddenly transferred, Patna city SP Shivdeep Waman Lande received an average of 300 SMSes every day, mostly from love-struck girls, some even carrying marriage proposals. On the day of his transfer, the number of SMSes crossed almost 2,000. There was more to come. The heartburn soon translated into candlelight marches and mass protests demanding the cancellation of the IPS officer's transfer.

Why did the people of Patna almost sink into depression when they found out that Lande was moving out? Many say it was the 2006-batch officer's 'Dabangg' -like style of functioning, proactive policing and strictness in dealing with the high and mighty that made him a rockstar in the city in just 10 months of his brief tenure. What added to the adulation was his clean image, making him an idol for the youth.

Now, with his departure, many are worried. "You never know. All the ills might start returning to the city," says Randhir Sahay, an octogenarian who reveres the young cop.

With people taking to the streets to stop his transfer, the state police HQ had to step in to explain that the move was in the interest of Lande's career as he was the only one among his batchmates yet to handle a district independently. The protests ended only after CM Nitish Kumar, in response to a query from newsmen, offered a similar-worded reply to justify Lande's exit.

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I guess more like Singham considering Pandey was kinda corrupt. :D


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Actually! Main Bajirao Singham.....Main iss gaon ka Jaykant Shikre! Aali re aali, aata majhi vaari aali!Helping the common man, and taking the anti-social elements to task. Dont know how did they relate it to Dabangg....paid news may b? :D