Easysify V1.1 (build 300) Works On Bbclient V3.22 Protocol


Hey GuysWell, I've been a avid user of ES since the time I got the connection here in Pune (using v3.22 dialer protocol)I downloaded the latest version of ES2 (build 377) but that did not let me log in - coz apparently it connected to some other SAM IP (other than the one that I use) - hence the login used to failI was going thru the forums and got the hint of downloading the previous version of ES2 (build 300) -- It logged in PERFECTLY fine but there are some minor bugs in there (hence i made a new thread for everyone to know that it does work)I can not see the "PRODUCT CODE", "BALANCE", "EXPIRY DATE" AND "LAST KNOWN LOGIN" -- but it lets me login and use the net perfectly fine -- I'd like to thank Bhaskar for developing such a good client (with scheduler and everything) (not that SifyGuard is bad, just a personal opinion)Please do update your experience with ES2 (build 300) here in this threadRegardsCeeTee