Error in Superhits movies download & only a couple of Hollywood movies to download in VOD :(


Airtel, MTNL and Reliance
Few of the blockbusters movies in Free Movies list in Showcase->VOD (with internet connection on) constantly showing error whenever i put them to download and therefore are undownloadable.

Movies i am unable to download :
My Name is Khan
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
(a few more i do not remember right now)...

It is also to be note that currently there are only two Hollywood movies, If Only and Hotel Rwanda, lost in the long list of Bollywood movies available to download. There must be more Hollywood movies, particularly the superhit ones, included in the Free Movie list by Tata Sky - I suggest.

Also, currently there are very limited no. of channels (9 precisely) with limited no. of programs (2 to 6 per channel) for a limited no. of days (5) are available to download.

Overall, this new service from Tata Sky looks exciting (i have already got my Airtel ADSL router shifted from one room to the room with Tata Sky STB :)) Earlier, one can schedule to record the future programs around a week before their actual release, now one can pull up the past ones to record them about a week after their actual release.

How Tata Sky unfolds this further and how and how much they charge for these services will decide these features' popularity and viability; currently i am enjoying it free through December (Just watched the movie - Saaya) and all these programs and movies are currently ad free and seems to be of HD quality :)

Good going TS but pls fix the above issues.


ACT 200 Mbps | Airtel 4g B593 Router | Airtel on OnePlus 5
any idea how much bandwidth does it consume per movie?

Approx 1.8gb as noticed by me & another user