i play counter-strike (yes i still play it)on indian servers and from few days have problems with ping going above 250it used to be 100-120 and 150 max..when i keep disconnecting and reconnected it sometimes gets down to 150 but then after few minutes goes back to 250..its getting really annoying..all wires ok snr down 30.85 attenuation down 22.5i have to resart modem many times to get lower ping and that doesnt last long..please help what to do?i have tried leatrix latency but nothing


horrible pings for the last few days. pathetic pings to US with heavy packet loss; same with EU and most of Asia.
Personally I'm using my airtel connection outside of the nighttime free period (when i have cod/assasin's creed on torrent DL - taking ridiculously long btw)

when i keep disconnecting and reconnected it sometimes gets down to 150 but then after few minutes goes back to 250..its getting really annoying..

i do the EXACT SAME THING. i have multiple dialers set up with different dns servers. reconnecting occasionally fixes things with bsnl but often it does not. BSNL has a really garbage way of routing; and routing differs somehow based on when you connected (dumb and absurd I know).

Same thing atten and snr is fine; wires were checked a month ago and cleaned up (apparently sulphur deposits on them, funnily only happens with bsnl).

I use leatrix latency and tunnel apps too but this is just a major routing problem nothing will fix this.
idiots at bsnl don't understand what network quality means, nor do they care.

Sick and tired of this same routine every other week.

I've come to the conclusion that bsnl is just awful; and not good for gaming at all.
btw the sudden routing change nonsense and connection drops totally kill torrent downloads during the nighttime too.
I really don't know why bsnl constantly changes routing; no one else does.

If you want me to check the servers you're having issues with i'll try to ping/tracert from here.


I have been having the same problem here in Kol since the end of October - latency is extremely high even when pinging mumbai and chennai servers, let alone the foreign ones.

A normal ping to a mumbai server ( used to be around 100 - 160 ms but now it goes up to 600 - 900 ms and the speed drops to 0.20 - 0.60 mbps - I am on the 1350 plan which entitles me to a bandwidth of 4mbps

I have been complaining regularly to BSNL about this but they simply shake it off by saying I have a problem with my modem, a weird virus in my PC or anything and everything apart from the broadband, which, as per them is working "PERFECTLY"!

Just wanted to know if this could happen because of a faulty modem - one thing worth mentioning here that rarely, I repeat very rarely I get pings below 100ms but even then the speed stays at 0.20 - 0.30 mbps

Curious to know if this problem is specific to me or to other BSNL broadband users in Kolkata as well.

For the record, my SNR and attenuation values are both pretty well (above 25db) and I am using the UT300R2U modem.

Please advise.


I really really know why bsnl constantly changes routing; no one else does.

Care to share?


haha that was a typo I meant to say "I really don't know".But usually ISP's change routing because their normal routes are congested - basically they use cheaper routes; which are generally congested; switch to another cheap route; which is also congested and so on.Certain continents have peak hours at certain times during the day. So if you are trying to connect to a US server; congestion at every point in the route becomes an issue; and this can happen during peak hours for every stop on that route.So say I want to connect to the USA:1) Peak hours in the USA during midday work day; peak hours in the USA during heavy home activity (let's say 6pm-9pm their time)2) Similarly 2 peak times for EU or Japan [routes to US go thru either of these]3) And finally the same 2 for India itselfSo as you can see there's a flat minimum of at least 6 times during the day where congestion can happen; and these periods can last up to an hour or more.BSNL seems to use cheaper and congested routes in general; and has a lot more users than other ISPs; so connection quality is very unreliable.Since very few people in India even care about these things It's completely ignored.But in general for anything that *does* require good internet; bsnl is typically not a good idea (e.g. gaming).


This has been the case for the last 3-4 months now. I've been using bsnl for 6 years or so, and they've actually been pretty good. I played a lot of quake, brood war,cs,tf2,sc2 , and my ping to singapore would be about 50-100. But now all of a sudden the ping has shot up to 450-500. And the reps on the phone are probably the dumbest people ever,they dont know what ping is even, the only complaint they can take are "speed low".One thing that I've noticed is, the times when I get shitty speeds it's mainly when I'm on the 117.193 servers. Previously my ip used to start with with 59 or something (somewhere in the 50's). I used to fix this problem by just constantly disconnecting and reconnecting till I connected to the 50's range servers. But now no amount of dc's does the trick. Pretty sad situation. I'm seriously considering changing isps. But the scary part is when I head down to the other isp forums, they seem to be facing similar problems if no worse, so I kinda wondering what to do at the moment.