Vodafone Mifi/Tata Photon Wifi


Am planning to buy a tablet, and am confused whether I should go for Wifi or Wifi+3G enabled one. Like there is difference of almost 10000 between the two variants of Apple iPad, just for the 3G facility.Has anyone over here used portable hotspot devices like Tata Photon Wifi or Vodafone Mifi? Or any other similar products available in the market? These products cost around Rs 5000 and can connect upto 5 devices. Was thinking that instead of spending 10000 more on the tablet, I should get one of this.My usage would be primarily be via such wireless connection.


Although I haven't used one yet, I am planning to invest in a Mifi router. I have similar thoughts about the iPad wifi+3G. The Mifi router would allow you to use the data connection with more than one device. However the battery life on most Mifi routers is around 4hrs. I've considered the Vodafone router and it is good. I've been wondering if it can be unlocked. I wouldn't consider Tata Photon as I don't trust the brand anymore. There is also one from Micromax, I think it is the MMX 400R, that is a bit cheaper. I currently have a Touchpad (wifi only) and I use it paired with my phone for data and it works well. But using the personal hotspot on my phone drains the battery very fast.

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