New Connection. what to do ???


dial up
I want little help from u guys.I want new BSNL broadband connection so i visited bsnl exchange they told me to 1st apply for landline connection then internet connection.and they ask my place and i told then the line inspector told me that in my place bsnl dont have wired so how they gave connection to me.I told him that my neighbour around 200 meter away from my house colony have bsnl. so why not u gave to me.then they told me that for 200meter they have to dig 200 mtr ground for wiring and it cost much to i am now in big trouble as i need urgent good upload speed net for study.and i have no option here except 1. BSNL 3g ( expensive upload speed sux 10KB ) , 2. BSNL BROADBAND ( they refuse to give to me ).and i am from small town and no other ISP than bsnl only the one option.can u guys tell me how to slap on bsnl ???where to complain whom to email or what things i need to do to get connection?? plz bsnl doing right thing ???any policy etc.THANKS.waiting for reply.