Disappointed with my reliance Internet services big time


Reliance broadband
Reliance BroadbandIt's been 3 weeks now since I had been told I would get my broadband modem replaced but nothing is being done about it. Now it's been 4 days since my Internet is down and people at customer care tell me there's a permission issue and the 5th complain is still under process. If a damn customer asks for a response atleast answer his questions again I said that atleast let me know if the process is going to be delayed by a phone call. I have been calling the customer care since the past 3 days and asking them to give me a call whether how much time is it going to take. Don't tell me it will be resolved in 24 hours and then it takes 3 days and the company representatives don't respond that it could tKe longer. I am still waiting for response and in how much time will this issue will be resolved. Also I have been facing this internet issues every month and this is the kind of response I get from customer care that just saddens me even more. I hope I atleast get a response within the next 2 days atleat