Airtel broadband vs Beam Fiber


I stay in Hyderabad and have been using airtel broadband for the past 2 years. All of a sudden the mgmt at airtel decided to change the rules and they give me a call and say that if there is any sort of problem with the modem the customer has to go to the shop and repair it or replace it. Now the problem is how often would i be going to service my modem if in case i have a problem? The download speed which i get is around 512 kbps for just 5gb and then the speed reduces to 256 kbps which really sucks, and i pay around Rs.550/month.I am planning to shift to beam cable.Can anyone please tell me the kind of service they offer in hyderabad and how is the customer support or the back end team? Also is it really worth shifting to beam or stick around with airtel considering they might also come with tariff plans as beam offers?please reply asap!


Beam 24Hours
As your Budget is 550, You can Go with 600Plan Of beam. You will get 1Mbps up to20Gb and then 786Kbps.1. Service - As mentioned in Other Threads, Downtime will be there.. So you need to get a backup connection like 3G if u want a Always ON connection.Can't Really tell How Good is Beam in your area but it differs though! I used to get less than 90% downtime but this month its pretty much over 90% after so much of Ranting.2. Customer Care- Fine but they wont take calls if something goes wrong at their end but their facebook page would solve your issues.3. Reliability - As long it works its Good. No Speed throttling and They only Count Downloads in Fup.4. Charges - 500 For installation and your monthly bill.You can't Expect airtel to offer plans like Beam in any way They did not Come out with more than 4Mbps. Airtel has Got a New 799 Plan where you get 2Mbps up to 20Gb and then 512Kbps.


Are you sure the 799 plan for 20gb at 2mbps has post fup speed of 512kbps