(Tutorial) How to recover an AndroidLockXT (iOS) password


This is a tutorial for everyone who uses AndroidLockXT on their iTouch/ iPhone/ iPad. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to recover a password set for AndroidLockXT. Before we begin go ahead and download the latest version of iFunbox from this website (doesn't require installation) and connect you iDevice.

1.Open iFunbox and wait for it to recognize you iDevice.
2.Click on the search tab and search for "com.zmaster.androidlock.plist" without the quotes.
3.Double click on the .plist and open it with notepad.
4.When the file opens search (ctrl+f) for "string" (without the quotes).
5.The numbers enclosed in the string tags are your password, just remember that the numbers equal a place on the lock screen in the order...
789 If anyone needs a video tutorial...I'll be uploading one on YouTube later....