Playing Cs1.6 With A Local Exchange Users


Hi everyone!I am from Adoor, kerala and I am a fan of CS1.6. Well some of my friends and I want to play cs using our broadband connection but we just can't connect with each other. We tried to connect using our dynamic IPs but it doesnt work at all. I have read in Digit that guys in delhi play games online like what I said. Does anyone know what to do? Currently two players connection is needed- me and my friend.PLZ HELP ME!


well i am a Need For Speed fan and me n my friend wanted to play online but we couldnt .The problem was due to the use of same cdkey on both of our machines.After reinstalling the game with different cdkey in friend's machine it worked.I dont know about cs1.6 but there may be the same feature to restrict the use of one copy in several machines to play online.Get a cdkey generator and use different key while reinstall.Also check ur firewall and see if it is set to allow incoming and outgoing connections for cs1.6