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Hi all, I am from Bangalore and thinking of taking a wired connection from Spectranet. Those who are using it, how is your experience? Are you getting the promised speed? How is uptime and customer care? Share your thoughts.


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isnt hayaei in bangalore? ...get it instead...spectranet is good..thou


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Isn't Act TV broadband available in Bangalore ? Can't comment on their performance but Beam Telecom ( A Company of Act Tv ) is doing fairly well in Hyderabad . Hayai with respect to their vision and with not-so-indian-isp mind is also a good choice .


I am a Spectranet cable broadband user in Bangalore. Unfortunately for the last 25 day Internet is not working :(

They provide Post Paid services so for the internet I have to pay in advance in order to use the network for 30 days after which I would have to renew the connections so right now everything is just wasted.

Their current system is to give out Franchises to Cable TV operations in each region who sets up their own servers and provides the end user with the connection and makes some kinda commission every month when the subscriber recharges their connection.

So due to this the main Customer Care center for Spectranet is not ready to answer any of the customer calls who are Subscribed to Cable Broadband and are told to approach the LCO (Local Cable Operator) . Now I guess everyone knows how good customer service TV cable operators provide. Mine (Shantala Enterprises in Bannerghatta, Bangalore) does not even answer my phone calls !

So I kinda waited for a week's time thinking they would sort it out and then I wrote an email to their Customer Care address which was mentioned in their website. NOTE - There is just 1 email address to write to and its just [email protected].

So then after 4 more days I got their Reply in the email saying this.

From: Customer Care - Spectra ISP Networks.
To: [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]
Cc: Delhi NOC ; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, January 3, 2012 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: Internet Not working Past 10 days !

Dear Mr.Rakesh,

This is in reference to your below mail, we would like to inform you that
your connectivity is affected as your LCO connectivity is affected due to
fiber issue. ETR is 4hrs.

In case you have any further queries or concern, please do not hesitate to
contact us on our Customer Care Number 011 - 66034999 & 1860-266-0099 or
email us on [email protected] .

"Quoting your SPECTRANET Circuit ID or Ticket Number in all mails sent to
our 24*7*365 helpdesk would help us serve you better"

Warm Regards
Customer Care - Spectra ISP Networks.
Email - [email protected]
Customer Care - 011 - 66034999 & 1860-266-0099

Well I was quite surprized that they even replied so i quickly checked and found that the network was still dead.

Then Someone from their Bangalore office actually contacted me and his name was Mahesh Reddy who told me that the Fiber link was cut due to which the network is still down and this should be rectified soon (he told me it would take 4 days).

Well today its been like 7 days and still the network is not back and my Local Cable operator is still not answering my calls.

Now here is the thing. I paid Rs 2500 as Installation fee (which the Cable operator claimed was for the Cable Modem and Media Converter) and btw Spectranet is quite expensive ! Not like ACT TV cable or Airtel. They charge 2200 bucks for a 2MB line (they advertize Rs 1700 on their website) but they collect Rs 2,200/month stating the rest of the money goes towards Taxes.

So Please be careful if your considering taking a Internet connection through Spectranet. The Service will only be as good as your Local Cable Operator so make sure your aware of this and no go by what the Company name ! The Company will never back their own services and they never follow through with their promises.

Its just that I am time strapped or I would have really enjoyed taking them all to Court just to make this news heard all over so people are aware of these things.