ASUS wireless router times out OFTEN !!!


Hi Guys,I joined this forum mainly because this problem.I have Airtel 2Mbps Broadband connection and My Modem is Binatone DT-815 which works fine. I also have an Asus RT-N13U wireless router.The Problem is when I browse websites, play online games or stream in you-tube wired or wireless the connection stops abrupt in the middle and I have to refresh the page or video every time but then again it stops abruptly after about 10 to 15 seconds. This does not happen when i am connected directly to the Binatone modem. I have changed cables to see if that will solve it but no go. I checked the timer in the router setting and it is set to infinite.The one strange thing is that downloading torrents seem to be fine, they don't get stopped at all.I need help, Is there any setting to be made inside the router that can fix this.Please help . . . .


in command prompt type nslookup? It gives which dns its using


Also, try tracert