Bsnl Broadband Truely Pathetic Service


I have applied for BSNL landline connection in second week of the month of March 2006 and then for BroadBand service @256KBPs internet connection in next 5 days.

Initially service was so bad that it took me one complete month to activate internet connection-Reason that connection port was not available at the exchange(Yerwada - Pune exchange).

Then as usual cable fault problems were there. Then I gave phone shifting request on May 10th 2006.
The height of pathetic service is that STILL TODAY 8th September 2006 my phone line and internet connections are not usable, out of order.

I got answers like the new building has insufficient cable connections, it is not possible to provide internet service to the customer who is more that 4KM away from echange.

Now I am fade up and not willing to use BSNL.

Can anyone please suggest me an ISP provider who is giving better service and has good internet connection speed. Atleast provide the connection speed what he (ISP provider) has mentioned in the offer documents?

Please help...

Kind regards.