No SMS pack option in "New PPS 249 plan" (Chennai)

Recently I moved from Vodafone prepaid to Airtel postpaid using MNP. I was given the "New PPS 249 plan" which had 300 sms free per month. I am a heavy SMS user. 300 Free smses wont be enough for me. When I tried to check whether any bonus pack I could add for free SMS, I got an answer from customer care that SMS pack option is NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PLAN. :uncomfortableness:I am helpless now but to live with 300 sms per month after that I will be charged with 0.5 Rs per SMS. I would really appreciate Airtel if they give me the SMS pack option for my plan at 30 Rs per month. I now feel that prepaid has lot of flexibilities and is cheaper than postpaid. :uncomfortableness: