Skoda's Rapid sedan may pose a threat to sibling Vento


After much hullabaloo, Skoda Rapid finally launched in India on November 16th. More than the launch, people are much excited to see which of the two is going to be the frontrunner in the race, Rapid or Vento. Skoda has managed to let the cat out of the bag quite well by saying that Skoda Rapid is based on the Volkswagen Vento sedan. But the point has come where the threat of cannibalisation outsizes the success of the sedan.Skoda India on the other hand has set high hopes on the sedan to replace Fabia as their flagship model. With the fresher appeal, Skoda Rapid definitely has an upper hand over Volkswagen Vento. The Skoda Rapid price for the petrol variant at Rs 6.75 and the diesel variant at Rs 7.95 has the needle of sales ticking faster for Skoda Rapid over Volkswagen Vento.


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It does have some things going for it. I personally like the styling more than Vento. Somehow this looks more of a proper sedan to me as compared to Vento. Also, its ~25k cheaper. The A/T version is offered in the mid and top end versions whereas in the Vento, it is offered only in the top end. The team bhp review also said that it had better NVH levels and the petrol's gearbox was slicker than Vento. The only problem will be Skoda's A.S.S. woes. There are a lot of people that have faced hassles in their service.


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i actually saw a covered up skoda car on the road today. it was all covered with those camouflage coatings. i wondered what was the reason considering Rapid has been launched already in the market. maybe it was another new model they are testing on indian roads?