Abu Dhabi GP - ESPN HD sucks on TataSky


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should i explain to you guys why it isn't really a sport ? i mean sport in the true meaning of the word . about 70-80 % of it is about the cars and those cars aren't the same for all teams . its more of a technological competition for constructors than a real sport .
give them all the same cars so that we can find who is real best amongst them . i like f1 but i don't call it a sport . sport gives equal chance to every competitor to win .
I wasn't aware that sports was defined by the level of competition, that seems to be your personal definition not the norm. Formula 1 racing requires a great deal of hand-eye coordination from the drivers which comes under "athleticism", and its a very demanding sport for the drivers based on the amount g-force they have to withstand, not only that but the dangers involved.

Parity shouldn't be a factor in determining the status of a sport, by that logic Football would come under critcism. EPL has only been won by 3 clubs in the past decade, La Liga only by two.