hi..I am a photon plus postpaid last year i moved to location where was no indoor photon plus after contacting tata customer care...they installed a repeater(they called so). After that i had no signal and speed problem. That a device contents a antenna (on roof (like 1980's tv))..huge thick cable from antenna to a (dc powered) device in my room ..another cable connecting from that device to a anther device(like the box at tower). We can see these things in kolkata metro. Now I came back to my previous place where there was no signal problem and tata took back there additional device(repeater).Now I am interested at bsnl evdo for their ul(750) plan and planed to buy one. For checking signal strength i bought my friend's edvo device. Now there is no/very low signal in my ground floor room..but have a good signal on 3rd roof. I think bsnl will not provide any repeater type device..i try to search at local shop at chandni chwak. Most of them did not get me what i want and who got said those are not available. I tried at internet but failed.So where can i buy/get repeater(cdma) ...can single device support both tata/bsnl evdo/mts there any other way to get connected..i dont think home made antena will work because i have bring signal from 40 ft.(from roof) What device should i buy for changing ISP later if don't want to buy from bsnl.Sorry for so Long


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BSNL EVDO sucks in general. If you want to change ISPs, go for 3G. You should buy Micromax 300C or Heuwai UMG1831 or similar devices and can use any 3G sim with them.Also, I have seen Vodafone install such repeaters for select few cutomers. I am not sure about BSNL.


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WAIT! you said EVDO signals were good in your area. . Did you download anything? and whats the download speed you're getting?