How to bridge modem in a modem router combination


Hi I have been reading a lot of posts here about bridging of modems. I need some advice for my specific setup and I think this is the best place to get it.1. I have an iBall Baton ADSL2+Router connected to the net through my telephone line2. I have a broadband plan Home 3300 plan with 2 Mbps3. I have a Linksys WRT610N wireless router4. I have 1 more PC(2), 1 laptop, 1 NAS, 2 phones connected wirelessly through the router.5. My setup is as follows: Telephone line to modem - Modem to router - router to PC1 (wired)- router to NAS and other peripherals6. NAT firewall is active on my router and I use commodo firewall and antivirus.6. Should I setup the iBall modem in bridge mode and Linksys router in PPPoE mode and retain the same setup sequence?7. If I bridge the modem will speeds be better?8. Will all the other peripherals still be able to share the connection in bridge mode?9. Looking forward to your expert advice. Thanks


Google for "DSL bridge mode" and you'll find many good tutorials. If you add your modem model to the search string, you might get luckier. We even have a few threads on IBF about it.

Follow the instructions carefully. Read a few threads/articles before you switch to bridged mode. Once you finish changing the settings in both devices and saving, reboot the modem, wait for it to cycle up, then reboot the router. It's important that you reboot both devices in that order. If it doesn't work on the first try, don't give up. It is possible to do everything right and still not have bridged mode working. If you're patient and persistent, you will figure it out.

The advantage of bridged mode is that the job of NAT and routing are taken away from the modem, which usually isn't as good at handling high volume of connections as compared to your router. In the real world, given the slow connection speeds we have here in India, you won't notice any difference in speed. However, depending on how good/bad your modem is, you may get a better experience with bridged mode.

If you just use your connection to check your mail and Facebook and other such light surfing, then bridged mode may not be worth the effort. If you regularly use Bittorrent, then it's worth the effort.