Private(Hobbyists or Enthusiast) Overseeing Body for BSNL


I use 2 cell phones, one is Idea (Being shifted to airtel) and the other is BSNL. I use Idea/Airtel for reliability and BSNL for making most calls to family/friends etc. and for use while roaming.But BSNL reliability is Zero. Basically the way it works is that they contract network installation to 3rd party, which does a decent (but relatively shoddy) job. Maintenance of network is not even heard of. For eg. I had an old BSNL SIM which did not work in newer phones (Like Optimus P550) so I wanted to change it to a USIM. When i went to the nearest BSNL office, the lady said that the system to convert to USIM had stopped working few months back and nobody had bothered to correct it. So I was forced to get a new number. The other day there was a power failure and the BSNL tower stopped working. I got range only when the power returned 4 hours later. So there was no power backup to that tower. BSNL sucks because they have zero maintenance. And customer care is so great that even when i'm standing next to the tower either i'm unable to hear them or they are unable to hear me. And they just hang up. So I propose that we telecom enthusiasts (and experts) lobby for an independent body consisting of similar telecom enthusiasts and point out such problems that users face and force them to correct them. After all BSNL runs because of Rs. 3000 crore subsidies coming from our (or parents) tax payments. Basically we are the owners. Imagine if one day those subsidies are not needed, they can be diverted to fuels (even petrol proce might come down then :p )We should write an open letter to the telecom minister to institute such a body. Suggestions and volunteers please :)I know that Sam Pitroda is working on restructurung BSNL, but the core problem lies in the lethargy of its employees and lack of consumer might. People just get fed up and buy another SIM.