world is getting tougher to live and weekers would be the first one to quit



hi friends, our life reset its cycle at every 00:00 hrs in midnight and each passing day and month becoming tougher to stay. here it goes how! starts at 5:30, without breathing fresh air leaves for office at 7:15 in order to reach on time at 8:30. on route mending my ways and negotiating bad traffic, manhandling bad drivers and spitting some bad words. uffff, but damn.... its only 7:45 and am already struggling for the day. reached office 8:20, seen some bad faces already en route to elevator, ego on rise and attitude doesn't match well with body, oh gosh is it like man VS aliens. mind says come on and move on. started my laptop and had just settled on my chair(mind you my kid has just settled on his bed at home at this hour- diffinately i need to be bit early then him in order to feed him). the roller coaster ride starts then mails thronging from all over places, issues , escalations and what not!!!!! people uttering words as they are the only people with man of words, we are jokers instead. by 12:30 noon mind starts flickering am i in my senses???? not really bro. lets have coffee. by 1:30 mind says lets have lunch, but no appetite. what has happened to my hunger, stress makes me wonder. if laptop was obsolete, then there are these blackberry to haunt you forever with mails that would last ever. :smiley-bounce0:by 4:30 i realize my free pass for joy ride is not over,still struggling to reach my client place and its getting soar. well, i gave up and person sitting next to me says you take too much load on your head and its not really required, i feel only one thing in my mind, why the hell you are my colligue, you don't fit to be my neighbour. voilaaaaa, ahhaa the moment it touches 5:45, phone rings, its a surprise from my homemaker planning jhinga lala ride to marketing stuff. most of the things are done upto the mark as i cautioned my self at the day end but i realized that i was offered to do this job for merely 1500 Rs. per day by my employer. i had already spent 200 rs out of that on fuel and burned by expensive blood for alomost full and lost my self respect to some cheap on lookers and on goars within and outside the organisation. believe it or not we are still in slave world with monsters around, difference is picture doesn't look so dirty as it is polished very well from outside. we are actually selling our hard earned money to currupt govt at throwaway price, having sleepless nights to those outsiders who facilitated fancy buildings and infra in our country and most important of all loosing our near and dear ones virtually. more importantly have become numb to all of this, isn't. i could not summarize all of this but would look forward to from some one on this forum....................!