Dont choose vodafone if you are porting


I have written this mail to Appellate Authority today waiting for their response I would like to bring to your notice that I have ported my number from Loop to Vodafone in month of September 2011. From day 1 i am facing one issue to another. First of all they barred my IRV service which i complain to Vodafone Customer Care centre via email on 12 Oct 2011 which i got respond on 17th Oct that it will be activated within 4hrs after 4hrs service was activated which i was able to call customer care operator But today also same service has barred by them reason best known to Vodafone they want to Ignore customers by not calling them. Second issue was with 3G connection. After activation of my sim i immediately activated my 3G connection on my iPhone 4 but inspite of 3G i got activation of my Edge connection which i wrote email to vodafone as well as Nodal office on 18 Sept 2011 after sometime it worked but again disconnected on 30sept which I wrote mail again to Vodafone customer care on same day.Then after sometime 3G started working. Now again same service has been disconnected by Vodafone on Monday i.e 31st Oct 2011 i got 2 same messages from vodafone at 06.05am saying that Dear Customer, Your Existing Mobile Internet Plan has been deactivated on your number" here also Reason best known to them. Then on monday itself i launch complain to Vodafone but when i not got any respond i complain to Nodal office on Tuesday. Today i got call from Vodafone saying that In my area there is some upgradation work is going on, Frequency range has been increasing in process hence you can't access to 3G when i told them my 3G its not working in entire Mumbai she was not ready to listen & even told me if you complain to Applellate same answer will be provided. Even i check with my friend sim it was working perfectly fine at my place 3G network. Now what a stupid joke she has told "You have to visit Vodafone Gallery for checking of sim" If sim was having problem then i wont be able to call also & even my edge would also be not working. My 3G was deactivated just after i got message from Vodafone on 31st oct before it was working perfectly good. I dont have a time to visit Vodafone Gallery & waste my 1hour in queue in which i know there is no problem of Sim. This is just an excuse given by Vodafone to me. Even i would like to remind you that i have lost my 100rs in Edge connection whereas my 3g was expiring on 17Nov with 181mb left in my account. IF my 3G is activated which i paid 102rs in which i got 200mb as promotional offer mb download howcome edge is getting charged to me? I kindly request you to look into this matter as early as possible otherwise i would have no option left to switch to another operator & if my complain is not solved on priority basis then i would have no option left to complain to TRAI for Cheating Customers , Fraud, Ignoring Customer by barring to call opertor via his mobile number & Debiting a/c for which customers has already activated service.