Airtel 220BX1 - is it a modem or modem cum router?

Arjit Soni

Airtel Broadband
Hi,Until now I had been using Airtel Broadband. I was supplied a Beetel 220BX1 modem by Airtel which was directly connected to my laptop. However, I've been renovating my house and as part of my renovation I've purchase DLNA enables LED Smart TV's, Gaming Console, etc. I've got LAN cabling done to each of these gadgets. So basically, I need to connect all these gadgets to the internet.From what, I understand I need to connect the Beetel 220BX1 to a Gigabit Switch (Got CAT 6 cabling done in the house). For wireless access, I shall be connecting a wireless access point to one of the ports of the switch. (Cisco WAP 4410N). Will the above network architechture work or do I need to purchase a wired ethernet modem router?Sorry if I've violated any rules of this forum and started a new thread. This is my first try at forum and hence pardon my ignorance.