Unable to access the Modem GUI


Hey everyone.I have a Sterlite ADSL2+ Modem from MTNL and when i try to access the GUI at it asks for a username:password which is mentioned as admin:admin on the modem...i get an error as if the username and password did not match...i know Hard resetting the modem will do the trick but not sure what settings are made on the modem except the username and password as i know the username and the password...if anyone can help then i oill be able to pull this through...also the reason for a reset is partially the speed issue...i used to get 220 kbps on the download on my 599 Unlimited plan but it has gone down to about 45-60 kbps now and i want to make sure that this has nothing to do with my modem...


see this link for settings.
Beetel 110TCI configure 1. : MODEMS & ROUTERS - My Broadband Forum - Broadband Discussion forum
Mod mode selected will change the sync speed,>
but not sure what settings are made on the modem except.............
If Modem access ID admin and PW as admin did not work
one them could have been changed. RESET is the only option to get the factory default/s.

Para two;
Check speed here twice: My Broadband Speed - Broadband Speed Tester
Download TCP/IP optimizer from speedguide.net and select optimal values.
Recheck speed above.

Modem sterlite Sam300AX ?
For reference :user guide: