Reliance is cheating the customers


Wimax 750
Hi, I have Reliance Wimax 750 plan(4 GB download) and my billing date is 11th of every month. Frequently i will check my data usage and i will make sure that i am not using more than 4GB of data.This month my bill got generated and i paid the bill(it will be always 827 rs and always i pay well before the due date). But when i checked my profile again on 19th, one more bill was generated and i have been charged with 2000 Rs for the data usage. For just 7 days i have been charged 2000 rs..When i contacted the customer care, they told my billing cycle has been changed(for which i have not been informed) and it is now 19th of every month and i have been charged on prorated basis. For rental it is fine, but for data usage how they can take prorated into account?. Overcharging in the bill has happened 2-3 times before and when i contacted the customer care, i have been told i have used more than 4GB, which i have not. That time it was 200-300rs, so kept quite. But this time it was almost 1000 rs which is not acceptable. I am very much disappointed with this and i have decided to terminate the connection. Reliance is cheating the customers. Please check your bill properly before you pay.

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You should have gone through the entire forum, You will understand that you need to be away from a moron called "Reliance"!If possible, Drag them to consumer court!