Does Sify cares for Customers are just earn money


HiIt is a just disgusting service being provided by Sify. Whenever you login through your broadband, they automatically open a new window directing to their website and also open a pop up window. If you have been disconnected from the service or no response from the server and try to reconnect again, then they will supercedes any page, you are looking on it, and will direct you to their website and also open a pop up window. If you have typed a letter in hotmail or something else, and you reconnect to the server at any means, sify will supercede the hotmail page and will redirect you to their homepage. The headache is they are not opening the sify page in a separate window, but they give parent window command to intrupt your work and force you to see their website. I do not know what they really wanted to prove? I talked to their customer care section, who responded me as "sir, we are updating the pages frequently that's the reason we are opening the sify home". Is sify is updating their website every half an hour, in that case I should not do any other work but just check their website every half an hour for updation. :D Some times frequent disconnection you may face and every time they will redirect you to their website. Do they want you to use only their website and not to do any other work? or they just want earn money by showing the advertis€m€nts? :angry: They are not providing the service for Free, we are paying them for the broadband service. I am really fedup of this kind of service and I do not know who provided them a ISO 9002 certification for their customer care service. Being as customers, if we do not keep complaint to them they then they will keep continue and will increase the pop up banners to two or three. My bad luck is still BSNL not arrived in my town. Really I wanted to move from these guys and wanted to have only broadband connection and not add-on service for advertis€m€nts. RegardsRiayz


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use opera and be happy ;) and yeah, use alternative clients ;)