Pathetic Service+False committment USB Stick 3G Phone # 8860079360

Phone # 8860079360

Committment given by Vaibhav (Store JMD Gurgaon) on 16th Oct that the USB Stick will give speed 7MBPS and I paid 1950/- for 3 months. However, on the first usage, I found that the speed was not even 30 KBPS. Google page itself was not ready to open. This I tried at couple of times in last 7 days from Gurgaon and Delhi, and the result is almost always same. The 3G USB stick connection given to me is totally unreliable (both speed and connection wise), USB software is having lot of flaws (even after selecting 3G only, it is considering HSPA connection etc).

Pathetic Customer Care: I called up customer care on 20th late night from both my landline phone, but everytime call landed in the prepaid department. First time, customer care representative transferred my call to postpaid department, and the person was talking as if he is half asleep. He disconnected my call, keeping me on hold in lieu of checking the speed in my area.
When I called from my airtel postpaid second time, call landed again in prepaid department. Customer care representative refused that there is no way you can be transferred to pospaid department, until you call from vodafone postpaid connection.
Is this the planning of so-called world class company, wherein customer cannot reach the postpaid customer care until and unless he is carrying the postpaid vodafone no?
I asked representative (shramik kumar,c-45 okhla ind. area phase-ii.) to log complaint against the CC representative who disconnected my call, but he refused to log it saying that the name is important to be known to log the complaint.

It has been 5 calender days to send my complaint to VodafoneCare Delhi, and I am still waiting for any action till date. There is not even a single response to my issue.

I am seeking for my refund of Rs 1950/- and disconnection of the USB Stick 3G connection, in lieu of false committment and pathetic customer services.

I am extremely dissatisified with the services both technically and customer care.

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they fooled me in May 2011.dumped all 5 vodafone numbers there after...
Mumbai, India
They made false commitment to me too in Feb/March 2011. They said that if I buy the dongle in that month, I'll get 3G speeds at 2G prices for the rest of my life. But if I buy the dongle later, I'll have to pay according to the 3G plans which were to be decided later. Pathetic to say the least.