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The super hero may have finally arrived in our movies but we have always had super heroes in our mythology, in our folk culture. And, yes, we have always sought super heroes in our politics. That's what has created the kind of politics we abhor today. We loved Gandhi so much that we blindly accepted Nehru as the successor he nominated, ignoring the claims of others like Sardar Patel and Subhash Bose. But while Gandhi was indeed a super hero, Nehru never lived up to anyone's expectations. It was he who, in his search for glory, blindly led us into the cul de sac of third world politics, never realising that we Indians never wanted to be a third world power. We always cherished first world dreams. The leaders Nehru loved most, Nasser and Tito, are now but caricatures of a past their own nations would like to forget and socialism in India is still remembered as a bad dream.

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i wish that they would make movies on chandragupt and the likes with good costumes and effects rather than copy from multiple superheroes of Hollywood like the pathetic RA one . We have so many wonderful mythological stories and with good cgi they can easily compete with the Hollywood ones but then again we are now known for aping the west.


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Super Commando Dhruva and Doga PWN every modern Western superhero! :)Anurag Kashyap had plans of making a movie on Doga produced by Sony. That got stalled. About mythological superheroes - Liquid comics (formerly under the name Virgin) and a plethora of new comic book publications are making comic books on Indian mythological superheroes and they are quite popular. Aditya Horizons launched an Indian War Comics series making comic books on Kargil/26-11 heroes.