Help: need to choose Data Card Huawei 182e vs K405


Hi I have got BSNL 3g prepaid SimI am based near lucknow.I am now buying the data card.Talked to one of the most reliable data card seller on ebay. he told me the problems with UMG 1831 and then give me these two optionsHe was saying that E182e is the latest one and is much better in performance, though he is willing to sell me k405 too as both are of same prices and availalbe with me. He said that E182e is new and will be in much demand than k405 in future and it is recently been available in India.Guys I need your help in it . Which should I buy.btw this is my first post. But I am following this forum for 3-4 days and it has definitely helped me immendely.So kudos to the members here. Greatly thankful