BSNL Broadband Problems


I got my broadband connection from bsnl installed on 5/10/11 .
BSNL sent some civilian guy ( not from bsnl ) to install my broadband ( phoneline was already installed )
. I had to buy a TP-Link modem (TD-8817) from him because he told me bsnl wont be renting modem .
I use Asus RT NI6 router to share the internet using wireless n wired connections throughout my home.

Modem was configured to bridge mode . Asus router was configured for pppoe connection and acted as gateway.
The net worked very fine for a few days .
The SnR (12 db ) n attenuation (50 db) of my line r bad , but the net works fine still .( i will get a lineman to fix this soon but a bigger problem needs to be tackled before that ) .

The modem stopped working after 4-5 days . I called the civilian guy and he took my faulty
modem n gave me a modem ( ITI limited, DNA-A201BE ) which has bsnl stamp on it, temporarily .

I also had a UT 300 r2 modem from 2 years before which i decided to unpack after this modem failed .

Now the problems started to occur :

When i use my UT 300 r2 modem , the downstream rate is very low ( i tried to change modulations
, adsl2+ is the only stable connection on my line , g.dmt n others give higher speeds but r unstable )
. When i connect this to my asus router ,the connection BW ( bandwidth )is stable but very low .

When i use the bsnl modem ,i get good downstream rate (adsl2+) , and the net works fine
when i connect this modem directly to 1 PC .
The problem in this case arises when i connect this modem to my router , the speed of
operation is still good , but the net goes to ~0 kbps for about 1 sec every 10 second or so .

It is a very peculiar problem : UT modem gives stable connection to 1 PC and through
router too ,but is not operational on this bsnl line .
the bsnl modem operates well on the line ,operates well when connected to 1 PC but
when connected through router ,gives 1 sec lag periodically
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I believe only specific modems work well with the condition of my bsnl line ,
so maybe the TP link modem will still operate well on it .
But the contact no. given by that civilian merchant no longer works
( I have the bill for equipment ,shop location given refers to a big area n no shop
in particular so that doesnt help either ) (so he was a fraud maybe ,i'll still try to track him ),
so instead of trying to buy another modem ,i wanted to know if their is a way
to get the bsnl modem that i have to work properly when connected through router
( ie. eliminate the periodic 1 second lag ) .

Would be very grateful for any kind of helpful info .

modem works on bridge mode ,adsl2+ modulation .
asus router works in gateway mode ,with pppoe wan configuration seetings .

PS : sorry for the wall of text but the problem is pretty weird .


(A)TP-Link modem (TD- 8817) NOT working. Try RESET and try again. later.
Check this. similar unit/s.
Beetel 110TCI configure 1. : MODEMS & ROUTERS - My Broadband Forum - Broadband Discussion forum
(B)DNA-A201BE Also failed. ( TRY RESET to factory default later. )
Check "sticky" thread wa 3002_g4 above ( menu pages will be similar less wifi )
(C) UT300R2 In use

Step 1 : Select ((B)
Use the Adsl MODEM's in PPPoE ( always On") mode
( Userid/PW stored in Wan/Iinternet page of modems)
Enable DHCP. Select GDMT
Use DNS google
Check/report SNR and ATTN data.

Step 2;
Connect WIFI router : Select Dynamic IP . other settings.
ASUS Wireless Router RT-N16 - Internet Connection

Para two:
Modem DNA A201-BE used (substitute) BSNL supply.
somehow the link is not appearing in the posts/s.

confirm this is the screenshot you have posted.
h t t p://
confirm this graph is for DNA A201BE modem with original FW.


yup ,that is the graph of bsnl modem connected to router . I was using the connection to full extent via torrents during that screenie. It happens during any other application too . I will try all your suggestions now . Thanks for all the info .


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Mostly the person who came to your house is a freelancer BSNL hired for customer premise work. So you can just check with someone at exchange for his contact info.


Got in touch with the freelancer guy and he said he will get the TP-Link mdem back in a few days . Till then m trying to share my connection via Asus router when modem is in pppoe mode ( rather than bridge ) . I m not able to get it working atm , will try more options.The firmware i m using in my Asus RTNI6 is not the asus one but changed to dd-wrt v24sp2 . modems have default firmware . the conig options in ddwrt firmware differ somehow ,ill try more n see if i can get it to share my net when modem is in pppoe mode .My snr is 12 n attn is 52 db ( line is bad ,will get it repaired soon ). the net works smooth n stable still ,when on the bsnl modem ,just the periodic lag problem when connectd to router .