Wanted!! Browser for tv



I have a rig setup with a laptop connected to my bravia, I use it as my monitor and hence browse internet on it only when I am home, Now here is a problem My couch is about 10 foot away from the Tv and thus whenever I browse, the websites are formatted for laptop screen and they looksmall I need to use either maginefier or ctrl+ all the timeIs there any browser out there that can help me with this ? I tested KYLO browser its good but flickers laptop screen after little uses. any idea will be appreciated Thanks guys!


I need to use either maginefier or ctrl+ all the time======If you are using Firefox you can download one addon "no squint". What it does is remember your zoom settings. For example you visit facebook and press Ctrl+ certain times and then visit orkut and press Ctrl+ again to get the required size. It will remember the zoom levels the next time you log on. So for each website you set the zoom levels once and then it would remember them.