Who are Innogrids/Fibernet People?


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Ok .. so in short it will be like that p2p softwares(ares,gnutella and the likes) but here in this case its not a software but a hardware network (dedicated for that purpose).Meaning, in that software (ares) a person downloads something from the net, then he shares that file to the users of ares who then search in ares for that particular file and download it off this first person who uploads it via his net connection.This way the file propagates through the existing internet to other user's systems. But here in your case, a person will download a file from the net and then he will dump it in his account folder on the fibrenet which is shared with others.Later others will grab it while simultaneously the data will also be copied across your clone servers. Hmmm.. to me this looks like hardware p2p :glasses-cool:


^. Its a complicated business model considering all the legal issues involved with sharing the content... You do know that at some point your network would be liable for the content it hosts. Even with this DC++ type model its very likely that copyrighted content would be circulated on your LAN based network...


Ok this sounds better than the last one as needless duplication of network is avoided.But as always there are problems here too...1.practically u r creating a huge cache of torrents, lets be honest there is nothing else this system could help. Don't expect Ytube,other Bandwidth hoggers etc. bcoz they would peer directly with ISP's anyway's. Basically u are going in for a nationwide DC++ with "costs/charges". Hence the problem of legality would surely arise one day.2. On the technical side i think u are over-estimating things are bit. Your USP/selling point will be the speed difference between normal downloading and fibernet downloading. Now obviously u have to offer substantial difference in order to draw people to sign up and pay. Now you are assuming to sell @ theoretical line speeds like for adsl 24mbps etc etc, for cablewala LAN it will be different ..But the real question arises can the network really deliver line speeds. I guess no...BSNL: no chance, their distribution network is way to bad at last mile. They can't offer any more than 2-3 mbps at most of the times hence the sweet spot of 2 mbps has developed. It is totally copper as of now. Only FTTN type network can handle such loads u want(8mbps). I guess u can confirm with ur contacts whether BSNL is going in to change copper infrastructure to that level or notAirtel & others: i don't know exactly but what i read in this forum they face the same issues. Otherwise roll-out of IPTV will not have been staggered and only in some pockets of delhi/gurgaon etc. They would have gone pan-India from day one if no additional infra was needed. In simple terms they struggle to even deliver 4 megs to the customer.cablewala BB is a mess in itself so no comments.:eek:hmy: Moreover ur services will create load problems at the dslams which will need traffic shaping and hence defeats the purpose of un-restricted speeds.


so basically it is kind of a ftp dump !! a affiliate site as sceners call it , a novel concept i must say , to bring a dump directly connected to an isp . and ppl are going to buy slices of servers which if the isp peers with them will get full line burst. again a novel concept but i can see tons of legal probs not now but in future as all the content will be on your servers, isps are a different thing since they just route traffic but you will be hosting it. so you guys developed some kinda newsgroup client with SSL i hope ! ?


I dont not hope to have a NEWGROUP CLIENT, why not give FTP access directly to server, where data is. I personally would request direct FTP ( with a security of course) to the content, I am more than willing to share my 1 TB and other drive data with it.However I need is direct access off the internet. FIbernet you should also research, such a methodology was implemeted some years ago in Europe while I was there, The Servers were raided heavily and about 1 Petabyte+ of data was lost.... But If you keep off the net I would be more than willing to USE IT, Finance it and market it... .

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