Frequent disconnects while downloading torrents


Hello friendsI have Airtel Beetel Modem and Netgear WGR614v5 wireless router connected to the modem in bridging mode. Strangely when I am trying to download something through torrents ( uTorrent on my mac) , the connection is getting disconnected quite repeatedly. On the other hand when I am trying normal downloads ( like podcasts in iTunes) , the connection is persisting.. Anyone else facing the same issue ??Yes Yes I know airtel is craptel but seriously I am a bit curious about knowing the issue rather than cursing Airtel which anyways they deserve fully


Founder, Hayai Broadband
It could be a modem issue - not that the modem is faulty, just that it's... err... basic. I've seen similar things happen with some of the more basic modems from brands such as D-Link also. Turn off DHT and reduce the number of simultaneous connections in uTorrent preferences - 200 globally and 50 per torrent should be more than sufficient in most cases.