Maharashtra School Scam - 1 Lakh Fake students record provided to get funds from govt

Maha school scam: over 1 lakh students bogus - India News - IBNLive

A major government-aided school scam of Rs 120 crore has come to light in the Nanded district of Maharashtra. In an inspection carried out earlier this month it was found that over one lakh students on the records of the government aided schools were bogus.
Maharshtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said, "This is a very serious issue. We are looking into the matter and as soon as we get all the details we will take action."

Maharashtra school scam:
The inspection was carried out in 3500 schools in Nanded of which 1500 belong to the Zilla parishad, while 2000 are government aided private schools.
The records show that seven lakh school students are enrolled in these schools, but only 5 lakh 60 thousand exist in reality.
A whopping 1 lakh 40000 are bogus names, which means that the state handed over an extra unaccounted for amount of Rs 120 crore to these schools.
The revelation is likely to lead to a reduction in the number of teachers, which teachers say could be counterproductive.
Zilla Parishad Education Department Chairman Shivraj Patil Hotalkar said, "If 700-800 teachers are laid off then we will have a difficult time getting them jobs."
The state government now plans more such inspections across Maharashtra to keep an eye if such scams are prevalent elsewhere.

And most of these local bodies are ruled by (local) Congress leaders.


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120 crores? man ..the extent of scams going on...CWG scams..aadhar card scam..2G scam...are making crores look like pennies! My life would be transformed if i was given 1 crore ..HELL i would be damn happy if i get even one lakh! :/