Fibernet Updated Proposal


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So in order to access your servers/datacenter we will have to go through our own ISP ? Am I right ? So my bandwidth will depend on what my ISP offers.


So now it is a parallel connection just for downloading content from ur servers, right?


@stoner Yes but in most cases , your ISP can provide very high speed access to this server without any extra cost on their end.A Sample package can be like:

Internet Access : 2 Mbps Upto 30 GB and 256 kbps beyond that + Fibernet Access : Unlimited 8 Mbps or whatever is the maximum achievable using the technology deployed by your ISP



of course not

But will Class A ISP's like BSNL/Airtel agree to this proposal of yours to provide Un-Metered bandwidth to your servers ?


So..Correct me if i'm wrong...!!Let's assume I'm using BSNL UL plan.....which gives me 512 Kbps...!!Now if get your connection...Which is a Nation wide LAN(i assume)....!!What might be changes that may occur in my current internet connection...??And secondly....!!With your connection NATIONWIDE....will i able to share content with the NATION at high speeds..??May i know the speeds...??What might it cost...??I know you have already answered these questions on the 1st post...But still i'm a consumer...(ALWAYS PARANOID)...


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An Updated Proposal for Fibernet Project

1. We are going to take an OSP License and IP-1 Registration
2. We focus on maintaining Central Server and Nodal Servers ,their connectivity and Synchronisation. Let ISPs handle connectivity to users.Everything goes legal this way.
3. Revenue Model a) An OSP can directly charge from users b) ISPs can share revenue with us c) Advertisement-Not Feasible at start
4. First data center in Gurgaon [still under debate], Initially for gurgaon Server, 100 TB capacity of Server and 50 GB space per user and speeds around 15 Mbps per users which is maximum achievable through a 1:64 symmetrically multiplexed GPON.The Server will be kept in DLF Area so that direct connectivity from Data Center can be provided to users conveniently.
5. We have received a positive responce from a Category C[Gurgaon] ISP to act as our ISP partner for start.Although no revenue model has been finalized.
6. Yes, The Website has not been updated to this new plan

1. Good.
2. Fine.
3. Fine.
4. This is all concerned with last-mile stuff. You say in one line that users will use their ISPs, yet in another line that you'll build a massive GPON network (BTW, no-one does 1:64, also, 15mbits at 1:64 is wrong, that would be 1:128), still in another line you'll say that ISPs can provide a two-tier service with normal web access + high-speed access to Fibernet at whatever speed their technology can handle... so... which is it? Correct me if I'm wrong, but either you're building yourself a cable network and will become a cable operator, or you're not, in which case, where does BSNL fit in? They don't do this kind of thing. Seriously, been there, tried that, and I'm not the only one.
5. Excellent. If questions can be cleared up, even I may be interested.

Why not ..

1. It does not cost them anything
2. If they dont , they are most likely going to trail behind

1. Neither does peering with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Facebook, but I don't see any ISPs offering high-speed un-metered connectivity to Youtube yet (except us).
2. Not really.