Need number of some senoir officer or executive in Reliance Com, to solve Netwrok issue


Never say die...
Since last two months, I am having a lot of problems with Reliance CDMA Network in my area. There is practically no connection for several days on end. This network coverage problem is there only in the area where I reside. Elsewhere, the network is full. I have written umpteen no . of emails to their CC. All they do is give me a crap complaint no. and another SMS crops up after few days, that 'your complaint has been solved' and within two days, back to the same again. Me and my father, both have Reliance CDMA since ten yrs and both are having this network issue. My handset is BB and father's is LG. I would have easily ported to Vodafone, but for my BB.I am tired of writing emails to their CC. Can anyone please help me, with some contact no. or email of some senior Officer or Engineer who can help?PS: I stay in Mumbai, in the suburb of Borivli (E) near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and our Reliance coverage comes from Kulupwadi site of Reliance which is nearby