Beetel 450TC1 bind LAN IP to MAC addresses


I am using Beetel 450TC1 modem router with BSNL BB in PPPoE mode.It has 4 Ethernet ports and WiFiFirmware version is TM4-0Q-020The User Interface is same as UTStarcom WA3002-g1I want to bind IP Addresses to MAC addresses.Devices that regularly connect to my Modem (My PC, Laptop and Phone) should always be assigned the same IP address no matter what.Devices other that the ones for which MAC binding is done, like friend's Mobile / Laptop which connect to my modem should be assigned IP address dynamically (DHCP).I want this to be managed by Router and not by PC.


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Can be done easily on my Netgear wifi router. Look around the settings to check for connected devices. You may get the option there. The MAC address will get the same ip but im not sure if it wont let somebody else connect with the same ip address when you are not connected.


DHCP is enabled as usual. .
Mac address filter in use for say regular 3 systems

When a new system your own or guest's is added, it gets an Ip address.
Will work in lan mode.
To have wifi facility, some routers have Guest facility
( say one hour or so)
This 450TCI router does not have this option.
reference:Beetel 450TCI manual /Firmware : MODEMS & ROUTERS - My Broadband Forum - Broadband Discussion forum
I think ssid will be "guest". and No security key
No feedback on this ,in forum/s.
( probably the MAC address of Guest's Friend's system need not be entered in the MAC list
Some have Multiple SSID's option . In 450TCI there are two.
one can have one SSID say BSNLself . with security key
Another GUEST without any security key option/s.
( Hide SSiD to be selected )
Then if you have a MAC filter "GUEST SSID may not work.

What Ip address is allotted : you can enter the same in TCP/IP properties
within range allotted by DHCP of the modem )

Await further comments.

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