bsnl tarrif for gprs on bsnl prepaid pyari jodi ?


BSNL dataone
hi all, I have just got bsnl pyari jodi . First of all I'm confused as to whether I have got 1 GB as free GPRS usage or 50 MB as GPRS free usage. I see two different values on two different places. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Can somebody enlighten me which of these is correct. The second is what top-ups are available under the pyari jodi plan . Are all those under 3. in the first link available or not ? Secondly, also got this link which seems to be interesting for those who are from Maharashtra. There seems to be a 20% discount on the sale price of 7.2Mbps and 14.4Mbps USB Data card from 26th September'2011 to 26th October'2011