Dell Laptop Webcam Acting Weird


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This webcam is not working fine, whenever I record a video it takes around 5 seconds to start recording,

it starts recording the sound but the video stays stuck at a frame.

When it starts recording the video, 10 seconds after that the sound scales down on its own.

Sometimes after 10 second its comes back to normal (when I playback the saved video file).

Tried changing the video format, didn't help. I have updated the software as well. I am using Dell Webcam Central.


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This may help....

Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics (Graphical User Interface version)


Please try the following
1. Start > Right click on Computer.
2. Select Properties > Device Manager
3. In the device manager window check if there is a yellow bang on any device (Mainly Webcam/Imaging device/Intergrated Camera)
4. If there is such device right click on it and select properties.
5. Select the driver tab, Use the 'Roll Back Driver' option. (Follow the screen shot below)
6. If at any point the 'Roll Back Device' is greyed out, select the uninstall option, put a check mark for 'Remove device software'
7. Move over to Control Panel > Programs and Features/Uninstall a program, and remove the Dell Webcam Central.
8. Restart the system, reinstall the Dell Webcam Central 2.00.39
9. Restart the system and check the Device manager again for any bangs, if there are no bangs and if there is an 'Imaging Device' as shown below, then the Webcam was installed successfully.
10. Let me know if the problem persists, we may have to look into other options.


I removed the display bezel like you suggested. I couldn't see any wires near the camera, and the camera looked as it should. After I popped my display bezel back in, put the batter back in, and turned my laptop back on the camera started working again. I'm not 100% sure how I fixed it but I did! Thank you!


There is a Message or Error
Messages and errors such as No supported webcam connected, Please plug in a supported device and Close the other video streaming application to start video can be resolved by uninstalling, reinstalling or updating the webcam driver.
The process for uninstalling and reinstalling the webcam driver depends on which Operating System your computer has installed.