Edge Rs 1 / day plan with 10MB download ends at 11:59 PM every day


The subject plan can be activated by *567*16#.They say it is valid for a day and is auto renewed. Does it mean that the plan is available for 24 hours after one activates it until deactivation?No it is not.What i have observed is those data used after 12 mid night was being charged. Has any one experienced the same? Also, it appears that this plan gets auto renewed around 8:30 AM every day (irrespective of what time you activated the plan). So between 12 Mid night to 8:30 AM ET, data charges applicable and is not covered by the plan. Customer care confirms this is the case. I dont understand why they have a concept of auto renewal here? Above comments are not based on single instance. I have noticed multiple instances of above issue.This plan is convenient for me as i activate it to check an email if needed or when i travel just for emails and sometimes IMs. For emails this 10MB is perfectly enough to view and respond.PS: I was wasting Rs98 every month on the 2GB plan for 30 days when this Rs 1 plan takes care of my need.


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Same wud happen with Vodafone 4Rs/30MB/1day plan. (plan seems to be close now)They clearly mentioned 24hrs in their SMS.. but if u activated at 11:59PM then within 2mins.. it will be deactivated!


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In Airtel I do rs 251 /8 gb -3 months validity and forget about it. ( rs 98 no longer 2 GB with all the operators in the cartel)Even in Airtel Gprs speeds (in data card or phone tethered to pc).you can manage some waht blog browsing ,listen Winamp/shout cast Net Radio 24 hours jazz/country western/Brazilian hottie samba songs.:001_rolleyes:you need to find stations between 48- 96 kbps.Voda gprs comes close to Airtel.but after Rs 98-2 Gb became 1 GB, they have been booted out. If Iam desperate ,Sometimes I do Vodafone 3G Recharge- Rs 25/25mb/1 day and do some tricks and enjoy what ever I use 3G for the day till 11.59pm (dont try it on post paid!):thumbup (2):