Desitorrents Registration open from 6th Oct to 12th Oct!!!


Saw this announcement when I logget into my acct today... Dont no if the news has already been posted yet...

Dear DT members.
DT is proud to announce that we will have FREE Open registration for ONE Week ( Oct 6, 2011 to Oct 12, 2011 )

This is a very limited time offer. Users will get full Access to site with access to download.
( However if the user is found to have created an account with no or less activity: posts or download/upload, the account will be deleted after a month. The required activity will be at the discretion of the Staff. After a period of 6 months all the newly registered users will be given full accounts without any limitations on activity)

Our Current Users base who's not yet full members ( in Preview mode ) of DT will also get a chance to Join DT.
Just come and visit us on between Thursday Oct. 6th to Oct 12 to activate your membership. A small ratio free period will follow because of the support of our community in meeting our donation goals for September.

Tell your friends & family to be part of a wonderful community, also spread the words to facebook, orkut and any other social sites, forums, blogs...etc you use

Please do not create duplicate account as it will result in ban of your dupe & original account.

Anyone looking to join a good private tracker this is a golden chance... Desi torrent is one the top Private Indian trackers & the registrations do not open up often so get it while u still have a chance :)...


another one -

Important Notes:

1. HDChina Will Open for register to celebrate the National Day.

To celebrate our 62nd National Day, HDChina will open for register from 0:00 1st Oct 2011 - 24:00 3rd Oct 2011 and all torrents will be freeleech in this 3 days. We always do our best to provide more HD resources and hope you can experience of a better High-Definition life here.

2. New Check-up system for Newbie

From now on, all newbies must take part in our new check-up system (including open-registrition and invitation) to improve the quality of our members.

1.If failed to meet the following requirements, new users would be banned after 30 days from the date of registration, regardless of signing up though invites or open registrations. Further, a new account created by open registration with no upload or download behavior in the first 3 days will be banned, while 7 days for registration through invitation.
2.You MUST achieve 30G for both the minimum uploading and downloading amount as well as gaining "seeding" bonus no less than 4000 points in 30 days from the date of registration. These conditions shall be met simultaneously or you account will be banned.

Note onors,VIPs,uploaders, encoders, or users with higher rank are excluded from the above check-up system.

—HDChina Staff—

all HD stuff, good internal encodes, not in CHDBits or -- link removed -- league but a good tracker.

@op hope u don't mind hijacking yr thread :confused: maybe a sticky for open sign ups would be a good idea.


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CHDBits membership criteria was insane when i used to be active around these parts