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"I am Shital Joshi, staying in Mumbai.I have been using Tikona Wibro in Mumbai at My home connection for last 7-8 Months . I have FMC1499 plan (2 Mbps still 15 GB) but I am able to get more than 700 kbps most of time and occasionally reaching to 1 Mbps .However , the problem was the customer Care. I could never get any (Useful & Timely ) response what so ever when I had an issue with the Service. Recently , when I complained regarding slow speed issue at Customer Care (lady was well trained and polite), I was assured a call back in 1 Hrs .As per my earlier experience I wasn’t expecting any response but I got a call back from them in 45 minutes . On the other side was a Tech guy (Name:- Amit) who asked to give problem details and restart laptop, as I getting slow speed issue Tech guy educated me to clear Cookies and then perform Speed Test on Tikona link but still it was not showing speed as per plan, Amit told me there is some backend issue so we are raising TT for same you will get call when issue will be resolved (as per my earlier experience I was expecting this from Tikona guys that they will not able to solve the problem).To my surprise I got a confirmation call at EOD from Tikona that backend issue is resolve so please check once again on speed test link.On speed test I was getting Proper speed, so I start using service it was working fine.I think Tikona has changed there backend team support and trained there customer care agent, without engineer visit speed issue was resolved."


well, you would have been lucky enough to get response immed.... here in bangalore i applied for new connection with tikona customer care , no body called me for days together. finally had to go with BSNL.


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Reading Some Good Reviews on You Broadband, Bangalore. Is any one whom you know.. happy ?