How to register for the new DND service platform?


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if you are already registered at DND list then u will be automatically added to that new registry as a "FULL DND". I havent found any info yet which states how to register for partial DND.

TRAI declares on how to register for partial DND

Either call 1909 and select ur preference


SMS 1909 in following format

START options

Options can be comma separated list of following
0 - No calls/SMS for marketing allowed
1 - SMS allowed for Banking/insurance/financial products/credit cards
2 - SMS allowed for real estate
3 - SMS allowed for education
4 - SMS allowed for health
5 - SMS allowed for consumer goods and automobiles
6 - SMS allowed for Communucation/broadcasting/entertainment, IT
7 - SMS allowed for Tourism and leisure

e.g. send START 1,6 to 1909 to allow banking etc and communication related SMS

Option ZERO suppresses all other options i.e. START 0,1,6 is same as START 0 alone and does not mean that 1 and 6 are allowed.

Note that, marketing calls are NOT allowed in any case just SMSes are allowed for any preference.

Similarly STOP keyword is to reverse the effect.

Source PDF file:

Source website: Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal
Hover mouse over "Information for customers" link.