3G data card or 3G phone?


I have an extra Airtel SIM which one of my relatives was using and he has moved to another city, so I have this SIM and it's active. I have a very pathetic BSNL internet which goes out of order very often and I need a back up internet connection. I was thinking if it is good to buy a 3G data card and use the existing 2G SIM in it. Is Airtel 3G internet good? Do you feel it is better to buy a 3G phone which I can connect to my laptop when required, so that I can browse videos etc 'on the move'? (Of course, I don't have too much money to invest in a 3G phone right now and I have my own mobile, so I don't need this SIM to make calls. I can only invest about 1500 right now. )Do you feel it's better to buy a data card from Airtel or should I buy an unlocked one from ebay?As someone else has already asked, will a 3G pack loaded in one city be valid in another city? Thanks for your replies in advance.


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Here is an existing thread on the same, please refer to it and continue there![thread=72039]Should I purchase HSDPA USB stick OR HSDPA mobile?[/thread]


For Rs 1500 you wont get a good phone leave alone 3G? so forget 3g phone idea and stick with data card!Huawei E173 (7.2) is sold in the internet for Rs 1425.Aircel Huawei E1750 ( with 3GB first month free down load ) is available in Hyderabad from Rs 1700- 1400.(but locked) Most 3.6 mbps cards are seliing less than Rs1500. Voda 3570Z is not locked (In windows 7 no problem)But dont dream watching videos in 2G sim and 2g re charge (you can get lucky getting 3G in 2G charge.but that is exception):haha: